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It has come to our attention that there is a FOR PROFIT group in West VA that has a similar name to ours, we are not affiliated to them in any way and we strongly advise you to research any group before making a donation.


Out of respect for the safety of our troops, names, ranks, units and places are blacked out (ie xxxxx ) in this very public platform. Please understand the importance of this practice.

Merry Christmas to our Troops!  God Bless you all!troops-Christmas-64303353598[1]

Hearts to Heroes, Inc., is participating in the Georgia Gives Day on Thursday, November 12, 2015. Please help us raise the money to send care packages to our troops by going to (in the Search Block, type in Hearts to Heroes, Inc.) and making a donation. Thank you for your help and support!Georgia Gives Day Logo

On Friday, 30 Oct 15, we received the following message from Kasinda Thomas, USO Center Director at Fort Lee, VA:
“Myra, Thank you for all your help the other day. I appreciate you telling me about all the wonderful things that your group has done for our men and women in uniform.  I would like to request a donation of a acoustic guitar for the service members to play in my center while they are here for school.  We have so many that have asked me about a guitar and at this time we are not able to purchase a new one.”
On 31 Oct 15, we shipped Guitar #44 to them.  The guitar was received today, 5 Nov 15, at the Fort Lee USO Center in Fort Lee, VA.  We received the below message from Kasinda Thomas:
“Hearts to Heroes, thank you very much for making this fabulous donation, the service members are very excited about receiving this guitar. I know that this is going to make many of them happy, to be able to sit in the USO and play songs that remind them of home.”Guitars for the Troops - #44 (USO @ Fort Lee, VA) (800x600)
God Bless America and God Bless our Troops!