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From the Troops

Hearts to Heroes, Inc., received the following thank you from the Troop that received Guitar #55:


“Hello Myra, I received the guitar that was sent in the mail today. It looks great, thank you for all the beginners books on how to play a guitar and all the other materials sent with it. I greatly appreciate your kindness. Thank you”


God Bless America and God Bless Our Troops

We received the below Thank You Message from the Veteran that received Guitar #54:


“Myra, I have received my Guitar! Thank you so much for this. As soon as i picked it up i felt as if i had once lost a piece of me and it has just been returned. The extra strings the tuner and the picks along with a guitar and case, you and your organization are true angles. Thank you so very much. I have attached a few photos, please excuse the fact there is not a smile. Im not a guy that smiles much i am sorry, but please know that inside my heart has a smile that goes on for a mile. You truly have done a great thing for me. I will follow up with progress of how this instrument and your service has helped me heal through Music Therapy. Thank you for your service to myself and all of the other veterans who lives you have touched. I like the number 54 that is a great number.”



Our thanks to everyone for your help and support! Take care and God Bless!



God Bless America and God Bless Our Troops