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We shipped #470 (Guitar) and #471 (Ukulele), this afternoon, in support of the below Troops:
Message From Troop: “Hello Myra, I wanted to provide a little update about our experience thus far with the guitar and the joy it has brought to our members playing/attempting to learn. SrA xxxxxxxx has been learning his favorite songs and sings them in the shop when he’s not diligently working on his daily tasks. He seems to be a natural with instruments and learns by ear. He is already an avid pianist as well as a violinist and his skills have only seemed to improve quite quickly on the guitar. We have even discussed with the Support Unit (who have a small stage/venue) at our location about putting on a talent show. It is currently being considered. I really hope it will be possible. Ever since the recent events in our area, we have been locked down to our site. Playing music has seemed to be what brings us together in the workplace. We are enjoying it as much as the others that pass through our section. We are a large unit, and the question was bound to come of how we acquired a guitar, amongst others who are willing to learn or already play. One member, from our xxxxxxxx section, reached out to me wondering if he too was able to acquire a guitar from your organization. I am not sure if they have put in the request, or if it would be possible for him to receive another guitar. I don’t want to take away from other requestors or sound unappreciative by any means, but would it be possible for the other members to put in a request (they are in the same unit, just a different section of the unit)? Once again, thank you very much for the gift that your organization has brought to us! I still intend to send some videos! Respectfully,”
God Bless America, God Bless Our Troops and God Bless Our Veterans!