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We received the following message on Monday, 12 Apr 21, from one of our deployed Troops:
“Hello Ms. Myra, I hope this email reaches you in good health. I was referred to you by xxxxxxxx who recently received one of your gorgeous guitars. I am currently deployed to xxxxxxxx as well at this time, I spoke with him about wanting to fine tune my skills and he graciously referred me in your direction. He and I have tons in common and have been working with music together since we met. I would like to humbly request one of your beautiful instruments if there is any available. I am most interested in an acoustic guitar if at all possible. This is an amazing gesture of kindness and gratitude from you and your team and I can speak for to bulk of soldiers and veterans that have participated in your program, We greatly appreciate it to the fullest. Not sure if you will need my mailing address now or later so I’ll wait on a response. Thank you”
#267 was shipped to our Troops this afternoon!
God Bless America, God Bless Our Troops and God Bless Our Veterans!