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We received the following message on Monday, 11 Jan 21, from one of our deployed Troops:
“Hello, my name is xxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxx. The 1SG xxxxxxxx and I are about to deploy to the middle east with our unit, and we would both LOVE to see how to be a part of this great opportunity. What can we do to get on the list?”
“Hello, My name is xxxxxxxx and I reached out to you on 11 January 2021 about my unit deploying and two of our Soldiers (myself and the 1SG who is CCed) having an interest in being involved in your amazing program and to hopefully be recipients of acoustic guitars. You advised me to reach out once we got to our deployed location and have our mailing address for deployment, we just got the mailing address today so I am following up with it! We know there are a few people on the list ahead of us, but just hoping we can get added. Thank you very much for what y’all do for the deployed Soldiers. Take care! Very Respectfully,”
#253 and #254 were shipped to our Troops this afternoon!
God Bless America, God Bless Our Troops and God Bless Our Veterans!